JPS NIR-10 Noise Reduction Unit..!!!!

The JPS NIR-10 audio filter allows reception of difficult to read signals and reduces listener fatigue. Operates on radio receiver audio outputs then provides its own volume-adjustable processed audio to an external 3 to 8 ohm speaker . The NIR-10 reduces or eliminates white/pink noise, ignition noise, static interference, RTTY interference, and power line noise. PEAK function reduces white noise interference. The Notch Filter mode removes multiple heterodynes and acts in 3 milliseconds. Band Pass mode has continuously adjustable center frequency, selectable bandwidths (.25, .6 and 1 kHz), vertical-skirted filters, and greater than 60 dB ultimate rejection.

One of the best units built ..don't know why JPS got out of the Ham business but they sure build a strong performing product....You cost including shipping is $108.00 ......Paypal will be fine....Unit sold as is, but will not be DOA....

Email ... Bill - KC4PE